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What Is UX Design?

UX Design… It is a word that contains many promises of performance for a website or an application. Yet do we really know what it is? Let’s explain everything.

Firstly, UX Design or the user experience (User eXperience) is considered to be a discipline that takes into account the expectations and needs of the user to create a website or application. To be more accurate, this corresponds “to the answers and perceptions of a person resulting from the use or anticipation of the use of a product, service or of a system “. The ultimate goal of the UX design is making a site accessible, easy to handle and above all efficient.

Creating UX is...

Creating awesome experiences.

Why using UX Design?

In other words, UX Design consists of thinking and designing a website in the best way possible so that the use is optimal. Thus, the design of a site needs to be made before even thinking about development.

UX Design

UX Design

Just remember the bad experiences spent on a site to understand. Lost minutes looking for pages or categories. Completed forms, which eventually did not send correctly. As a result, the website owner will see a loss of traffic and potential clients. The UX Design avoids all these problems, making the website to be really efficient.

The difference between UI and UX

Without having a background on it, it is easy to confuse UX and UI. This is because they are two professions that collaborate for creating a great, useful and user-friendly product. However, the UX is not the UI, but… the UI is the UX. The UI is what makes the link between human and machine and somehow, it is the finished product presented to the surfer who will allow him to easily navigate your website without asking him too much effort.

On the other hand, the user experience refers first of all to a person’s emotions and attitudes about this product. This is the challenge of the UX: to provide effective solutions to the problems and the many expectations of Internet users. In short, to think about a user centered design.

The UX is a mix of visible and invisible parts that together contribute to the user’s overall experience on the mobile application while the UI is the “visible”, “perceptible” part of a product: it is what one sees, hears, touches when one uses a mobile application, for example.

Key similarities

The reflections on the user interface are the subject of numerous studies: what typographies to use? How to organize information to make the site as intuitive as possible? In short, the UI boils down to organizing elements (graphics and text) to offer an attractive site. But for a user experience to be enjoyable, working with the UI is clearly not enough. It is as if you were packing, in a pretty gift paper, an empty cardboard box.

The same, there are many discussions and researches about the greatest user experience practices while it is also a highly multi-disciplinary field, incorporating aspects of psychology, anthropology, architecture, sociology etc. For this reason, a great user experience will be the result of long researches, focus groups and in-depth interviews.

Both the user experience and the user interface must be the result of a deep work while the foremost  objective is to offer fluent customer satisfaction.




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