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Four Tips For Crafting The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Everyone is facing “the elevator pitch challenge” at some point. When you have to present your company, your website … even yourself, in the course of a job interview, you must know how to promote it in limited time. No matter the situation, answering the question “tell me about yourself/what do you do for a living?” is one of the most difficult parts. Let’s take a look on how you need to draft a perfect elevator pitch.

What do you do for a living?

Or… what can you do for me?

Short and clear

There are different ways to make an elevator pitch to sound great, but whatever is the situation, it should take no more than 30 seconds or less, it should be clear and it should include your skills.

You don’t need to go too far and enter into details: the temptation is to embark on a long speech, and explain your offer from A to Z, which will produce the opposite effect … The interlocutor will say that you are exagerating, and he will stop the conversation very quickly! It is necessary to synthesize and to highlight only the most important things. Also, avoid using a vocabulary that is too technical: you have to vulgarize and simplify, unless your interlocutor is working in the same field. In this case, prepare two different versions of your pitch.

Engage your audience

Try to replace “what do you do for a living?” with “what can you do for me?” and think about what your interlocutor actually needs to know. To get to this point, introduce yourself by explaining the benefits your company can offer. For doing that you’ll also need to use both a factual and an emotional argumentation. For example, Digital Lunatix is a company with 500,000 customers. One out of two startup companies trusts us to help them build a new brand.”

Communicate your USP

A perfect elevator pitch is built upon a unique selling proposition.

After you communicate your USP, you need to engage your audience. To do this, prepare open-ended questions and try to anticipate the answer. Also, don’t esithate to use metaphors to convey your ideas. If a picture is worth a thousand words, so do a metaphor, especially if they are innovative.

In addition, make your elevator pitch easy to join. If you have worked with some big name brands already, or even the competitors of the person that you are pitching to, don’t be afraid to mention that.

Engage with a question or a CTA

The secret of a good pitch is to adapt it to the person in front, ending it with a small sentence that makes him want to know more about you and your services (the call to action).

For example, you may try ending by saying, “and between our customers we have one of your competitors ….” or “we have just released a version specially adapted to the companies in your sector”.

The goal is to obtain a question related to your pitch and to have the opportunity to give him a business card to contact him later.

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