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We Are

Liviu Dumitru

Liviu Dumitru CEO / Lead Lunatic

Focused on galactic things. Also, thorough. He’s in the same time the team’s therapist. You want to talk to him when you need to relax. He has the control on everything.

Andrei Lunatic Partner / Client Service Director

Always flexible, positive and nice. He enjoys group work and speaking (loud) with clients. In love with a bad fluffy dog.

Alexandra Lunatic Designer

Alex is talkative, careful and optimistic. She’s a positive energy generator. That’s why everybody’s wondering when is she able to make all that amazing thing that she’s doing.

Cristina Shakespearian Account

Always looking for 10 different connotations in every single word you’re saying. Not a grammar nazi, but a little obsessed with the the words.

Robert User Experience Freak

Robert is a lunatic experiences creator. He’s doing a lot of cool stuff. Pragmatism is in his DNA. Bringing lunatic people to the Earth.

Radu 3D Designer (Deep Designer & DJ)

Always fighting invisible enemies and inner ghosts. Extraterrestrial look. Pathological empathy. But that’s how real creative people are.

Anca The UFO Designer

Curious, hard-working, bookalcoholic. Having some kind of British politeness that allows you to think she capable of being angry.

Ramona The Atypical Designer

The only person in this agency who enjoys mornings. She also loves pets and all cute fluffy things. Mastering Photoshop and Illustrator techniques.

Alexandra Intergalactic Account

She loves everything about planes and aviation. Awesome writing skills, highly-organized, straight shooter, always saying what she thinks.

Cezar Space pilot

Cezar knows everything that needs to be done. He is too passionate about what he’s doing. That plane crash in the yard, the terrorists in the neighborhood, the cat who ate the agreement… it’s not important. We don’t focus on details.

Vlad Pilot and Project Manager

Coming from an old lunar dynasty, he’s investing with new meanings and values every word is saying. He’s an aristocrat and he loves technology.

Iulia Galaxy Developer

Stylish and classy. If you’re a boy and you don’t know how to do something with html, she will make fun of you. So, try to be smart.

Marian Project CineManager

Addicted to movies. Every lunch break, installing his portable cinema in the kitchen and watching The Originals. The rest of time, it’s positive and hard-working. Workaholic.

Răzvan Client Galaxies Interceptor

That intuitive lunatic spirit of the team. When he’s looking at you, gives you the feeling he already knows all about you. However, he will be still talking with you. He’s polite.

Augustin Quality Assurance

Strong sense of humor. He loves to laugh. And you can hear him laughing even if he’s two floors upper.

Nick Magic Developer

That kind of boy who knows to cook and loves to do it for his girlfriend. Everybody loves him. Always smiling. Always positive.

Mihai Project Pilot

Pretending to be phlegmatic and bored. Doing shopping at LIDL. In fact, he’s an ideas hunter. He loves fine food. Also selective with information, books, movies, people, everything.

Andrei Lunatic Developer

Looking like a maniac gamer, but in fact, he’s very concerned about quantum physics and the complexity theory. He’s doing the brightest websites.

Valy Insights Developer

He looks quiet. In fact, there is a galaxy in his thoughts. There are noiseful feelings. In fact, he’s living in a deeper galaxy. Somewhere you find more consistence.

Cătălina UFO Project Manager

Expansive. Explosive. That kind of person that will never stay in a place for more than five minutes. She also knows a lot of jokes.

Claudiu Lunatic Developer

< Claudiu> < is speaking html>. < Playing with any syntax> < creating magic experiences>. < Mastering javascript.>

Remus Client Translator

Making our language to sound a little more familiar to clients. Also, helping us to understand earthling philosophy and needs.

Mădălina Secret Message Encoder

Sending secret encoded messages to the Earth. She likes Earth people, but she’s making lunatic jokes about them.

Lucian Ideas Developer

Making unimaginable happen. Bringing bright ideas to life. A virtual life. Creating parallel html worlds. Nothing disturbs him.

Alex Lunatic Developer

Alex will surprise you with his frankness. Not complicating life with formalities, false complaisance and superficial things. Doing the impossible development and satisfying the most exigent customers.

Marian Lunatic Developer

Marian is mad about sport. Unbiased observer. Too pragmatic for being a supporter. Dry jokes taster. Don’t ask him to create a site, if you’re not prepared for innovation. It will be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Iulia Lunatic Fighter

Her smile looks kind and delicate. In fact, she’s a fighter. Fear her! Ambitious and strong. She has quit smoking.

Ionuţ UFO Project Manager

He wants to look lazy. But also ambitious. Ooh, and tech addicted. In fact, he’s working hard and he wants to save the World.

Cristi Lunatic Developer

Showing false nonchalance and placidness. Actually, he’s passionate and hard working. Meticulous, but down-to-moon.

Ionuţ Secret UFO Information Agent

Positiveness and fun broadcaster. Disguised in football fanatic, he’s collecting foreign information from earthlings.

Adela Cat Manager

She loves cats. In love with all cats around that survived her hugs. She could write a book about How to Cuddle a Cat. But she’s better at html and css stuffs. Going nowhere without her Mickey Mouse mug. In fact, she’s running from her maturity.

Bogdan Intergalactic Pilot

Meeting Earth people, he will stay for a second, analyzing you. That is when he’s away from his desk. The rest of time, he’s playing with css and html. He’s also a cool stuffs creator.

Lucian Lunatic Tester

Long, cool bread. Stay aware if he’s looking at you. What’s coming next will be full of sarcasm. Every word.

Assiye Lunatic Developer

Fragile and delicate. She will refuse you if you need creative stuffs for promoting a business producing triangular bolts. She’s doing nothing without passion.

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