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What Are the Differences between Copywriting and Content Writing

In our World, there are two types of text writing related to two types of different jobs and goals: content writing and copywriting. The first one is the practice of writing different articles on a single theme taking in consideration a SEO purpose, while copywriting is creating different types of texts on different topics, in order to propagate a message and build a public image. However, the amazing practice of content writing is as important as convincing copywriting in case you need to sell some service, products or ideas online, but it doesn’t require the same expertise. Here are some tips in order to make clear the difference between them and create a stunning copy.

You will need research on various domains

Creating convincing copy is science and you will always need to do research. The same happens when it’s about content writing, but in this case, the most important part of the research will be related only on keywords popular on Google searches, related to your domain.

On the other hand, creating a copy may require to know everything about the company you represent, to have access to polls, to know the public opinion on various topics, to keep abreast of sociology and psychology studies and to read always the news.

You need to create empathy

Everyone working in a creative agency is aware that the strong emotions can be exhibited with the help of the words too, but it is not that simple to get people to care for you.

You need to speak regarding a feeling that is already present to your reader. In case you want to sell a software, you may speak to the businessman who is exhausted of organizing his team using unfriendly, complicated softwares.

When you sell beer, you have to get the memories of some nice times that people have spent with their friends over a beer. You may utilize this information stored on some neurons in order to get the feeling transferred to the readers in an effective manner. All these issues are not included the process of creating a piece of content.

Don’t compare prices

Studies have exhibited to us that asking the customers to compare the prices in a direct way is a totally wrong idea. New research from Stanford University has shown that to sell time is more effective than selling money. There is no copywriting piece that will tell you “buy from us because we have lower prices” and that is related to the fact that we need to build a story and have an impact on our target audiences.

Contrarily, content writing, being by its nature a practice which is more linked with sales, will give from the first lines, a detailed information about prices.

Selling implies always creating a story, doing research and finding the best words to invoke emotions. However, when speaking about a product, these different types of texts imply different strategies.

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