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Top Funny Things about Ad People & Creative Agency Life

Many people consider any Creative Agency is full of funny aspects. And it’s true. Working in a creative agency supposes you already familiar with the facts listed below or at least you know the feeling when something like this is happening to you.

  • Everybody agrees that 90% of creative people consider “brief” to be a magical word. If you’re an outsider and you say this word, you instantly become a friend.
  • Creative people like to post pictures on Instagram and tweet about any micro event on the office or the extravagant food they eat. They say that this is how they stimulate creativity.
  • 70% of the clients paying for UI don’t know what “User Interface” actually means.
  • When it’s about graphic design, the most part of clients say that they’ll know what they want when they see it.
  • The most precious moment for an account manager is when a client sends an email Friday, at 6:29 PM.
  • 80% of clients believe that it’s possible to have a great, cheap and fast graphic design.
  • Every agency has one askaholic. That is the person who asks obvious questions just for the sake of saying something in a meeting.
  • For 80% Social Media Managers the most complicated part of their job is explaining what they do to their grandparents. 20% say they do journalism.
  • 79% graphic designers in a creative agency think that anyone knows what “pantone” means.
  • A creative agency cannot exist without a coffee supplier in the area. This is an Unquestionable incontestable, irrefutable fact.
  • The word “feedback” is causing anxiety for the 99% of ad people working directly with clients. The rest of 1% are simply aliens or preparing to quit their job.
  • Most of the ad people in a creative agency confuse the words “motivation”, “inspiration”, “productivity” with “deadline”.
  • 50% of creative agencies have a kind of obsession with unicorns or any other fantastic animals.
  • For every graphic designer, there are two types of clients in the world: 1.”Red is fine.” 2.”Red is ok. What say B? B: Can we do green instead? C: Let’s do black.”
  • 95% of the creative agency’s customers don’t really know what they need.
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"Top Funny Things about Ad People & Creative Agency Life"
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    I have a friend who has the exact opposite problem: She can not gain wait. I swear this girl is one of the luckiest people I have ever met. She will liraetlly invest in gallons of ice cream and not gain a pound. Maybe one day she will learn how to gain weight lol


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