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What it’s Really Like to Work at a Creative Agency

If you’re enthusiastic about a career in the creative industry, we have some great news for you. It is fun, never-boring, your team will be nonconformist, full of original ideas and positive energy. Good vibes everywhere, passion and an absolutely charming social environment. Nevertheless, be also ready for the hard part and in case you are interested to see the whole image of working in agency, expect for the things listed below.


Say goodbye to traditional work hours

When creativity gets involved, traditional work hours get old-fashioned. And it’s not about deadines, it’s about your idea which comes only at 6:30 pm.

Even though you said you will never work on weekends, even though you may think it will be hard for your manager to convince you to stay a little longer, you’ll probably not be able to skip this part of the creative agency life. However, there is almost no creative being early at the office so be prepared to sleep longer in the morning. In addition, you’ll be spending your time with a great team and you’ll be strong motivated by the satisfaction of an amazing final result. Being able to watch your commercial on TV or see your billboard on the streets will be one of the most amazing feelings you may experience.


Be ready for chaos

Sometimes, nobody knows what needs to be done although there are a lot of people who were supposed to know. However, the project manager stays hidden somewhere, the graphic designer knows only who the client is, and the client himself has no idea. Things get complicated when you found out that the deadline is tomorrow. Stay cool, that’s a wonderful challenge. Here comes the fun part and the adrenaline.


Sometimes, you’ll need to work under pressure

Being creative and respecting the deadlines are two things that are often not easy to do in the same time. However, there are many projects which needs to be done fast. This why, you need to accept working under pressure as part of your job and as a test which make the difference between those who are powerful those who are weak.


You will be always challenged

Working at a creative agency will never be boring, challenges will be everywhere and passing through them will give you the opportunity to learn a lot of things. Moreover, you will need to keep breast about all news in social media, design, technology and it’s not all. No matter what is your position, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about what your colleagues do and to improve your skills in any other associated field.


You’ll have a coffee sanctuary

Every creative agency has its own coffee sanctuary. It is a place where you can find all types of expresso, mocaccino, cappuccino, latte or americano and a specific ritual for that drink every morning. Or afternoon. Or night.

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