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Getting a New Website?

3 questions to ask a web design agency

So, you are looking for a web design company. How do you choose? Which is the best option and why? What differentiates the companies? How do you ensure you find the right fit for your project? Which will be the best option for your budget and vision?

We all know that to stay competitive in today’s market you need to have the right image and platform to show your true potential to your customers.

The internet is a ruthless market and website owners need to make sure that their customers have the best brand experience online. The amount of success will surprise you! Just think of the amount of times you have searched online, for let’s say a restaurant, or an accountancy firm. Basically, the internet has taken over the newspapers and yellow pages. Consumers today have a variety of platforms to choose due to the fantastic changes that have taken place on the social and mobile web. There is a fine line between success and failure when it comes to setting up and operating a website online today.

I have come across too many people that ask me for advice on what to ask web design agencies, and even what answers to give back to them.

“I want to start my own business and for that I need a proper website. I need to hire an agency that will take care of every desire I have, but I don’t know how. I don’t know what questions to ask or how to test their abilities.”

I’m going to provide you with 3 simple questions to ask your future web design agency:

1. Can you show me examples of projects with similar goals?

Ask the web design agency for examples of similar sites with similar features. If by any chance they haven’t built a similar site before, make sure they have a wide range of designs. This indicates a highly creative agency.

Ask for examples of sites with similar goals and features and what experience they have on your exact niche needs.

2. Can I meet the team?

This question will instantly reveal if the team is in-house or outsourced.

Even though outsourcing has its benefits, you should really want an in-house team because they have been working together and have developed various strategies for efficiency. They are all close-by and there will not be any instructions or details ‘lost in translation’ between communications.

If they have a team, ask them to meet the people who will work on your project and find out how much of their time they are going to give to your project.

3. What do you need from me to get started?

You must know that being involved in the creative process of your website is crucial. Typically, you need to provide any images and text that you either find suitable for your website or what your website to give that type of vibe. Let them know all our brand’s visions, philosophy, mission statement, target market and your dream route to market. This will make sure they have a complete understanding of what you have imagined, and they will be able to build a skyscraper upon your foundations.

There are also a few mistakes you should be sure to avoid when deciding to contract a web design agency.

One of them being a low price. There are plenty of websites that let you create your site for free, but, trust me, the results will not be the same. We all want something for nothing. Most people think that paying thousands of euros on a website means losing money, but the website can be, for certain business, the most important asset to invest in. Know and understand the importance of your website for the profit you are looking for. Calculate how much you wish to earn from your website and invest appropriately. Don’t be afraid to spend the right amount of money, it will speak volumes about your brand if your website has a professional look to it, rather than a ‘free blog’ type aura.

Another common mistake is not asking for a Content Management System (CMS). This would be your tailor-made program that allows you to manage and update your website’s front end on your own, and not needing to constantly go back to your developers for any minor changes.

Back in the day, the only way anyone could update a site was by manually editing the individual pages of code.

With a CMS you can change the content of your site, add images, or even add pages on your own without having to be a website developer.

There are of course many variables in choosing the right web design agency so don’t forget to inform yourself and make a guideline of what you need and want for your future website.

If you are in need of an insanely creative agency, don’t be shy, click here and learn more about us. We have the power to take your project from a sparking idea to a red-carpet masterpiece.

Alexandra Naiman

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