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Why Custom Design is a MUST for Powerful Brands?

Following a summer of Wonder Woman, Spider-man and other superhero blockbusters, it’s natural to fantasize about having a superpower of your own. It makes us think of fast and easy solutions, but, fast isn’t always good.

Hundreds of new custom-made and template-based websites are being launched daily. It is normal to find yourself in the position of questioning whether to invest in a better website or not.

If you own a template-made website, there’s a chance that your next-door neighbor has exactly the same template for an entirely different business. That would never happen to you if you had a custom web design company working on your website. Of course, working like that is often cheaper and faster but you will realize how limited they are when you want to add some custom features to it. To make it your own creation.

Your business has its unique points that need to be clear for Mr. Time is Money. A custom web design company, provides your site with a unique identity for your business. Just as your new apartment needs sketches and goes through a planning process before you can start decorating, your website needs to be planned out before you start seeing mock-ups.

Apart from the unique result, planning, is a good exercise that makes you think about your business goals and prioritization. It will help you find more unique selling points than you did before. With so many options, you need to stand out. It is a crucial thing.

Take a second and think right now of your number 1 competitor. Now, imagine visiting their website and seeing “Created with Wix” or “Powered by Squarespace” at the footer of the homepage. How would you feel about them? What does it say about the business? It can either suggest a lack of creativity, laziness or a level of unprofessionalism. It’s not impossible that it would also give us a slight hint at their poor turnover and profit.

Your website needs to reflect the expansion of your business. Most templates don’t like this kind of expansion- they don’t like to be thrown out of their comfort zone. That’s when you will need to hire a custom web design company to either add your envisioned features, or start fresh with a brand-new website. You can save yourself the time, money and stress by hiring a great web designer to build you a custom website from the beginning.

Your website is the face of your business online, so it needs to truly represent who you are as a person and the team you built. To summarize, be yourself and let the world see it.

Alexandra Naiman

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"Why Custom Design is a MUST for Powerful Brands?"

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