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What does your business mean? We are sure it means a lot to you, but what does it mean to the others? A logo is the visual impact your clients get, and the first one. It must transmit a lot of the business’s meaning. Must it be simple, or colourful and complex? Thinking about the shape and meaning of your logo can be exhausting and confusing. This is the right moment to let the experts guide you. You are the best at knowing your business and we are the best at transforming it into a visual product. It’s time to dress your business into party clothes and let it shine!

Sure, there are dozens of websites that can create a “free” logo for you.  Try them all, get an idea and acknowledge the level of quality you want to achieve.

You will find that in our agency we take brand identity very seriously and that’s why we created a unique Brand Guide to help both parties decide on the best look. We offer our clients a well organised brief in order to find out more about their project and needs. 

Then, it’s time for research. We are always curious about what your competitors are up to. As soon a we are happy with the research outcome we move on to brainstorming. Using mind mapping, visual and word associations and other similar techniques we’ll use the cultural background of every member of the team in order to come up with the best ideas. We are now ready for the next step; building the design concepts. We are going to collect all the ideas, select the best of them and prepare the first drafts. Once the merging is complete, we’ll build the logo concepts. Finally, we are going to deliver you five awesome design concepts and wait for your feedback.

Most start-ups make the common error of just creating a simple and fast logo however the brand guide helps you define the branding theme and identity.

We understand how we are in a time where attention spans are getting shorter and it’s even more important to have a strapping and potent brand image to inspire from the first impression. We can provide with a logo that cast a spell over your target audience and show the world your true company’s potential and vision.

We live in a saturated product world where the competition can be disastrous for your business. Having a trustworthy product can win the other ones over and a very important part of gaining your customer’s trust is the logo. Your potential customers are more likely to do business with you if you have a qualitative logo. If your logo looks like it was designed in Microsoft Word, Paint or other free online platforms, people will question how well you are able to deliver your core products or services.


Here are some ideas about what a logo should contain:

  • make the text logo clear and readable
  • Use simple colours- think about the different situations you will have to use it.
  • Have something visual/memorable
  • Use it everywhere.

The size of the company does not matter when it comes to the logo. Create a logo that expresses the exact philosophy of your business.


If you are in need of a powerful logo, let us take your idea and turn it into the memorable icon you have always dreamt of.


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