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The Latest Trend in Ads. It Feels Like a 360-degree Experience

If content is the king it is because of the video content. Serving experiences allowing the audiences to feel like they can touch what they see is a strategy with a big impact. If till now, we have been living in a world of an aggressive and annoying marketing where commercials were the main reason to change the channel, these days we create commercials which are able to entertain the audience.

Spherical videos are one of those online marketing trends doing that well. Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat are already populated with a lot of wonderful 360-degree video materials and there are already some brands taking all the benefits of the concept of immersive viewing.

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The Snapchat Revolution

According to Michael Rucker, co-founder at OmniVirt (one of Snapchat’s ad partners), the number of 360 videos and advertisers who intend to develop a 360 campaign is bigger and bigger. The reason is simple: it seems it can provide better clickthrough rate and greater engagement.

The highly anticipated Fifty Shades Darker” had been also promoted using a 360-degree video on Snapchat. It took users on a tour of a masquerade ball featured in a scene in the movie and offering an interesting and unusual experience. The aid was considered to be a great marketing move.

A great marketing strategy

Research studies show that 69% of adults skip regular ads on Snapchat almost always. The same probably on any other social media channel. Being considered as “cousins” of 3D videos, spherical videos are offering not only an image, but also an experience. To build in interactivity, this format allows consumers to move their device around to achieve a full 360-degree viewing experience.

360 degree virtual reality videos are a good option for brands. Catchy and engaging, they also attract attention, drive interaction while the number of views are growing rapidly. It is considered to be an online marketing revolution as it makes you feel part of it. Advertisers incorporate it into display ads also for promoting cars or in the travel industry, for showcasing travel destinations.

Brands taking benefits

Red Bull was one of the first brands using this format to make their audience feel a F1 experience, as a part of their brand strategy. The reaction was extremely positive.

Other revolutionary experiences were used to promote car brands as Audi or Mini. Those are using a more complex design making the 360-degree video be closer to the virtual reality. The journey and the city lights may be seen as through the window of very fast moving car. Also the interior car design is presented as hi-tech adventure.

The Australian airline Qantas is using a 360 degree video in their brand strategy, by allowing audiences to feel the flight experience through the pilot eyes.


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"The Latest Trend in Ads. It Feels Like a 360-degree Experience"
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    360 degree virtual reality videos and the new hi-tech gadgets as VR headsets for smartphones are incredible..making the world to look like in SF movies released only few years ago.

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      [66] sir, i won’t ask why, but the point is that he did not put together the financial statements. He could either have debirelately misread them, honestly misread them or been given inaccurate information. The latter case is the problem of garbage in, garbage out. My point is, like the statistics, he had the end numbers but no first-hand knowledge of the pieces that they were based on.


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