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Decoding a Branding Brief: Four Ways A Startup Can Get Noticed

Ok, now you have a successful business idea, you can finally do what you love. You only need to begin. But wait… ”how to reach customers?”. Branding is the first answer. However, creating a logo and finding a proper name may be not enough if you don’t follow a strategy. Let’s take a closer look at a branding brief that you recieve when you decide to hire a cretive agency. Why those questions and why thinking about those very abstract aspects about your business? It may be sound crazy, but your branding brief may find there some marketing guidelines.

Starting a New Business?

Stand out From The Crowd!

Innovation is the essence

What do you offer that is different from your competition?

When you have to complete a branding brief, you may be asked to explain why is your product or service different and how does your business innovate. As an entrepreneur, developing a successful business may be following another strategy: you may think you have found a product that is very popular and a market which is still open for new startups.

But how will you get noticed in the crowd? Every successful new product adds new innovative features in order to make people to choose it instead of any other similar product.

No need to redesign your entire business. Just review it and find something original or different. It may be defined as ”the lowest price”, ”the highest quality” or ”the simplest use”. Also, before doing that, do a research and pay attention at what your competition offers.

Not just flexible, but also mobile

Who is your customer/target audience? 

Our digital era is becoming more and more a „smartphone era”. Everybody is using them, but not everybody in the same way. For this reason, building a web design for eldery is becoming an important challenge for creatives and as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to describe properly your target audience.

Your stunning website means nothing if it’s not mobile responsive. You can be sure that it is at least with 60% less profitable. And still, responsive is not enough. You need to pay attention to accesibility, UX and UI.

Why is that so important?

It helps improving your SEO and for the most of time, it is the first impression in front of your customers. In addition, if you’re not familiar with UX and UI, it is also about creating a strategy to make people stay a little longer on your web page and to easily find what they need. It is also about designing a website which is simple and complex in the same time and where you can easily shop or find what you need.

Go offline

Why do your customers need you?  What is your most important benefit (to the customer, not you)?

Going online is similar to learning a new language. Creating a Facebook post, a blog, an Instagram account, a web design are all part of a communication strategy. But you need to communicate differently and to make a reference to an offline reality. This is why creating a strong offline campaign means actually giving sense to your online efforts.

If you have no ideas about where to start from, simply provide a demonstration of what you do, how do or how customers can use it. This is the most simple ancient and everlasting marketing technique. If they don’t believe you, show them! This way, you will provide a great response to the question ”why actually customers need you?”.

This is how you can make all the online strategy being fun. Do something totally original and you’ll have a lot of new topics for your blog. Do something intersting and you’ll have a super-shared live video on Facebook.

Don’t be afraid to add some spice to your events. Every successful marketing campaign implies a little madness. Otherwise, you will know not how to present your products, what is proper to be shared on Social Media and what topics to find for your news section.

Find partners

List some of brands you like. What do you like about these brands?

It is hard to get noticed when no one has heard about you. Think about a marketing campaign which may include you in a list together with other brands. Also find media partners, bloggers writing about related topics and establish a partnership with them.

Knowing every news in your field is essential to get inspired and to get noticed. If you are also able to build some strong partnerships, it will guarantee your success.

Probably, the first question when you lunch a startup is ”how will I reach customers?” Branding is the first answer you may imagine, but… there is always a ”but”. It’s still unclear where to start from. To get noticed in the crowd, you undoubltely need to innovate, to be more mobile, to go offline more often and to network. Need some guidelines? Follow the questions of a branding brief.


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