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The Science of Taking The Perfect Photos In Order to Build A Personal Brand

Everyone has a personal brand. Social media makes it possible to anyone and with your smartphone always in your pocket, you are always ready to add a chapter to your story. Sometimes, it’s just fun, sometimes it needs to be serious. If you’re thinking about personal branding as a part of a strategy, we need to take in consideration more aspects. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Building a Personal Brand

Every Photo Is a Story.

You’re on stage now

Every detail matters. If you’re really aware about the fact that having a Facebook account is the first step in being a public figure, you need to pay attention at everything you do. Imagine you’re on a stage, in the middle of a show, in front of thousands people. From the moment you decide to build a personal brand, you’ll be always on a stage.

Most of articles on this topic talk about concepts of authenticity, excellence, and uniqueness. These concepts are so abstract that it’s almost impossible to define them. Every photo is authentic as long as it captures real things. Every photo is unique the same as every moment is unique. Excellence, what exactely is that? Can anyone define ”excellence”? Everything we do has an influention on the way others percieve us.

In fact, building a great personal brand is about just being yourself, but being the best version of you.

What is the story the photo is telling about you?

Take a photo you have already published on Facebook. Now, look at it again. What is the story that photo is telling about you? Where it was taken? What you were doing? Are there any other persons with you? Who are they? If the answer to all those questions fit properly to your personal branding strategy, then you’re on the right track.

There is a science of the proper background as every object around is able to destroy the entire photo concept. We have seen thousands of shots ruined by a small detail hidden behind. In order to take the perfect pic, forget behind something that’s connected with your entire brand strategy, a small meaningful detail that catches a message and that is able to create a key conflict in the mind of audiences.

In every story, the small details are those elements building the whole atmosphere and each of them plays a role in building the plot. No matter if it’s about a golden apple, a shoe, a hairpin or a small coin. Those can be elements determing the key conflicts.

Colors are feelings

Every color has a different psychology and it’s associated with some emotions. Research studies carried out by the University of Loyola show that a simple color choice is able to increase brand recognition by 80 percent. The same is when you’re creating a personal brand. The main colors in your pictures are the one used in color filters, the ones you wear and the color composing the background.

The same as in building a logo, use a red to create an image of energy, determination, power, danger, passion, desire, vitality or motivation, playfulness, courage. If you love yellow than you should be aware that it is speaking about happiness, warmth and creativity. Orange is the color of friendship, but it is also associated with success, optimism, and humor.

Green is inspiring safety, change, youth, healing and prosperity while blue is related to communication, wisdom, leadership and integrity. Purple is the proper color to speak about luxury, royality, wealth and personal power, magic and mysticism. Black is about formality, strength, elegance and power while white is truth, refinement and spirituality.

Be consistent in your color choices and choose a color that fits with your message, create a plot for each photo, be careful with the small details and imagine yourself on a stage. Great pictures matter more than anything else in your personal branding strategy.


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"The Science of Taking The Perfect Photos In Order to Build A Personal Brand"

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