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Fighting Against Adblock. The Death of Aggressive Marketing

When advertising becomes aggressive, new ways of fighting it are becoming more and more popular. Adblock is used by almost everyone and is available on all operating systems and all browsers. However, people trying to promote their startups are still looking for banners and different online ads while big agencies are not trying to contest the performance of such a marketing strategy. Let’s see what’s actually happening.

Growing An Audience

Using Adblock.

Fight against Adblock

There are several websites using an Adblock block tool. Their strategy is simple: being sponsored by those who advertise on their website, they are forced to use a tool to guarantee users will see ads. However, a large part of them prefer to leave the page instead losing time by stopping or pausing Adblock. In this case, is there any chance to grow the traffic on a website using this type of interface? How will online magazines survive in the future?

Stop being aggressive

Similar to political leaders coming with a speech criticizing street manifestations and participants against their policies, marketers believe they can grow the audience by force or they can afford targeting only stable audiences, ignoring hesitating people. The only solution to this marketing problem we are facing seems to be becoming less aggressive with our own audiences and clients.

The great paradox is that every company is claiming that they use a friendly design, investing in the same time in a helpful and nice customer support, in a user-friendly web design and in an aggressive marketing campaign.

Meanwhile, Adblock plus has reported 100m users in 2016 while users consume fewer and fewer banners and ads (Designers themselves are almost all using Adblock too).

Entertaining audiences

When the marketing forget its own good practices, the only principle which survives is the following: you need to conquer their heart, to make them fall in love you. In order to have a high quality advertisement, everyone knows that you should start by focusing on your target audience. But how?

A new trend of entertaining commercials and ads is becoming more and more powerful. You watch a commercial and you think it is a movie. Sometimes, you’ll search for the song or you’ll want to see it again. An emotional tone that plays on dreams of your target audience is actually the element making the difference between a boring and a memorable advertising campaign.

Nevertheless, there is also a risky part in this type of marketing too. Sometimes, the advertisement is so catchy and interesting that you’ll never remember the promoted product. This way, the promoted product will stay in in the shade of the ad.

It’s almost sure that a marketing tool used for hundreds years such as banners will not die with Adblock. However, Adblock gave marketers a very important lesson: there is an antidote or any type of aggressive marketing.

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