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Rule the Internet. How to Build an Effective Online Campaign

Nowadays, there are not many types of businesses which can survive without being present on the internet. If you are looking for a service or information, you google it. The success of a company is the most of time related to a great digital marketing. You need to take in consideration social media, search advertising, website and SEO.


Building an online campaign is not so simple you may imagine. It’s not all about paying a Google ad. When you start a campaign, you need identify and follow the rules of Bing, Yahoo!, and Google search ads, best practices, advertising platforms and algorithms. You may also need to know what the most searched key phrases on search engines are.

Fresh Content

The first and the most important rule in SEO is about updated content. In order to get found by local consumers, you need to take in consideration geo-targeted keywords and write as much as you can about what you’re doing.

Stay Updated

If you want to be on the top of industry, on the first page and always with the best results, you need to stay updated, know the trends and the new tools, as the digital is always improving because if you don’t keep on top of the latest changes you may lose money. It would be also useful to follow major digital marketing sites and influential people on social media.

Always Test

Never start a campaign without testing. Even if you have strong researches and case studies and social behavior data, it may still not work. Factors related to the success of campaign are various and not always predictable. Tests are always revealing unknown facts about a future campaign.

Read Case Studies

Learn from others’ experiences. As long as the internet offers you a great amount of information, use it. Follow the clients’ needs and try to stay flexible and consistent in the same time. Case studies that are already published may reveal to you that someone has already tried a campaign similar to yours.

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